“Kid Check”

We understand that safety is always a concern for parents. In order to keep your children safe at Calvary Kids we utilize “Kid Check”. When you register your children in “Kid Check” the system generates labels for both parents and children that contain unique matching numbers. Children can only be released from their classes to someone who has a label with a matching code. The registration process is simple and can be done right before services. Just follow the signs to the nursery level where the “Kid Check” kiosks are located, register adults and children then print the labels.

Want to register in advance?

Here is a link for the parent/guardian to register.  Each parent/guardian needs to fill out a registration form.  After you fill out the form for one parent/guardian there will be a prompt that will allow you to return to the beginning to add another parent/guardian if necessary.

Parent Information Form

Here is a link to register your children.  You need to fill out a separate registration form for each child.  After you fill out the form there will be a prompt that will allow you to add another parent or more children if necessary.

Child Registration Form

If you choose this option please register by 4pm the Friday before you’d like to attend. This allows us to unsure your information is in the system by Sunday.