As we have been going through the book of Matthew I’m constantly drawn to the lives of the disciples as they walk with Jesus.

We hold these men in such high regard now and based on what their lives ultimately became they certainly do serve as a great example to us.

However you can’t go through any of the gospels without noticing their very humble beginnings.

One pattern that sticks out to me as we have been reading though the gospel of Matthew is how often the Disciple are prone to “missing the point”.

As Jesus tries to teach them a spiritual truth they can’t seem to grasp it and change the meaning to something more familiar to them.

As Jesus tells them to watch out for the yeast of the Pharisees they assume he’s upset they forgot bread.

He feeds 5000 people with next to nothing and they scratch their heads when they have to feed 4000. “What can you do Lord?”


Even though Jesus appears exasperated at times he never gives up on these men.

No matter how many times they miss the point or get things wrong Jesus continues to teach and pour into these men.

We see the example of how God deals with us, patiently constantly teaching and guiding us.

If you ever feel like you’ve just done too much wrong. You have messed up to many times.

Take a look at the Disciples they weren’t any better than any of us and yet they are revered by all of us because of the work He did in them.

He can do that work in you as well.

For us, and the disciples, the key to transformation was simply proximity.

The more time we spend with him the more he can change us.



-Jon Bowers-