”That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding …”
Col 2:2
       Comfort. We all find ourselves in need of being comforted from time to time. And if I asked what is the source of comfort, there would be several valid answers. I personally have a loving husband, as well as a caring fellowship of believers that I belong to. There have been many times when I have asked for prayer or council, and found wisdom and love from those around me. That is the part of this verse that talks about being knit together in love as it plays itself out in my life. As wonderful as that is, If I were only to rely on that, I would be missing out on the more sustaining source of comfort.
       I experienced it myself just last week. I told the girls in my small group about a situation I was struggling with. They had wonderful words of comfort for me, then we prayed. I felt great, and as my week progressed I could feel the strength of their prayers lifting me.
       Then one evening, in the middle of making dinner, the Holy Spirit reminded me of a verse that spoke directly to my situation. Beyond the encouragement I received from others, the truth of God’s Word brought clarity and understanding like nothing else could. It turned my source of anxiety, to a mere bump in the road. That is the sum of “riches of the full assurance of understanding.” How truly rich it is to know who we are, to understand His Word, and walk in the strength that is at our disposal.
       Through this verse I am reminded of the importance of fellowship. I am admonished to read my bible unto understanding. I am comforted in the riches that Jesus has accomplished on my behalf and on behalf of all of us.
           -Lori Barber-