As I read through the scriptures this week, rich with convictions and encouragements, I had a hard time settling on what the theme was in the verses. As I tried to come up with an equally encouraging and convicting devotional I found the Lord say “wait, be still.”

But did the Israelites wait and be still when they were sick of manna or when they were to go spy out the land. They were always so quick to react with what their hearts felt. Our hearts often do not account for abilities of the Lord, “The heart is deceitfully wicked who can know it.”(Jeremiah 17:9)
Their heart murmured this manna, that was so miraculously provided, was not enough, they deserved more. They needed to grumble among themselves instead of bring it straight to the Lord, because perhaps now God would stop being a gracious God of love, a faithful God. Perhaps now, they felt in their hearts, he was not powerful enough. Perhaps now they should venture back into captivity to satisfy their appetites (not their needs).
Or upon seeing the “giants in the land” that God promised to them, perhaps now the Lord would not fight with them. Perhaps now it was too late, the land was someone else’s. Perhaps God was not a God of his word anymore.
Oh if they would only be still. If they would only quiet themselves and think of God first. Who is God? Who has he been? What has he promised?
The Lord challenged me to be still this week and just write down who the Lord has been to me personally. What biblical descriptions of God have I found to be true in my life.
Perhaps if I would only be still in my own life I would stop stressing about finances, because I have seen the faithfulness of the Lord to provide my every need. Perhaps if I was still I would feel his presence as being enough to satisfy my loneliness. Perhaps he would calm my fear and anxieties like he’s calmed the winds and the waves. Perhaps if I would just wait and be still he would speak to me. Perhaps if I would be still he would change me to be a righteous woman that prospers and endures like proverbs speaks of. Perhaps, truly, in every circumstance, God is good and I could see that if I would only “wait, be still.”
-Aubrey Chappell-