Jeremiah 20:7-18


Jeremiah is often referred to as the weeping profit. He was chosen by God to deliver the message that no one would listen to until it was to late.

He was telling the people of his nation that judgment was coming. Life as they knew it was about to come to an end.

His message was unpopular to say the least.

As we read these verses I think we might all have found ourselves in this position.

When we feel like the things we are doing for the Lord aren’t working. When we feel like we are doing what God wants us to do but we aren’t seeing any fruit from it.

We want to give up.

In America we love to keep score. We like to do it with everything.

Movies, sports, politics it doesn’t matter we like to know who won and by how much.

In the case of Jeremiah as far as the scoreboard goes he ends his ministry with what looks to be a zero. No converts, no revival and even he gets carried away as a captive to Babylon.

But here is why Jeremiah ultimately wins.

He obeyed the Lord.

Even in the face of ridicule and unpopularity, even through persecution and the threat of physical harm, he never altered or changed or watered down the message that God gave him.

He obeyed.

This is really the ultimate winning in the Christian life, to be able to say in the face of all the obstacles that life throws our way that we obeyed.

We kept following our King.

It’s not that we won’t have moments like Jeremiah does right here where we feel defeated. It’s going to happen.

But even in this moment Jeremiah recognized that God had stood by him and protected him through all the hardships he faced.

The important thing is that we obey, no matter how we feel or how successful it appears to be we do what God calls us to do.

That is a different kind of winning but in truth it is the greatest kind.


-Jon Bowers-