A Promise of Restoration Amos 9:11-15

As our reading plan began this past week we concluded our reading in the book of Amos.  Like me, perhaps you were glad to see the title over the last few verses in the book “A Promise of Restoration.”  Most of what we have been reading in Amos has been a message of coming judgment to Israel.  Finally at the end of the book Amos speaks about God’s promise to Israel.  That the Lord will restore the house of David, raise up the ruins. bring them out of captivity, plant them in their land, and they will never never again be uprooted.

As I read through these scriptures I was reminded of the faithfulness of God to an unfaithful people.  The nation of Israel had sinned and rebelled against God and was very deserving of the judgment that God was going to bring upon them.  Yet how incredible is it that we read of God’s grace even as he warns of the coming judgment.

The judgment we read about in Amos came to pass.  The children of Israel were judged and brought into captivity.  When we read the Bible and study the history of the nation of Israel we understand that this promise of restoration that Amos speaks about is being fulfilled right before our very eyes.  The Lord has brought Israel out of her captivity and returned her to her own land on May 14, 1948 and the Jews will never be uprooted again!

In the New Testament book of Romans Paul reminds the church that God has not cast away or rejected His own people Israel.  In fact, because God has been and is faithful to keep His promises to the nation of Israel, we can have confidence that God will be faithful to keep His promise to us.  Just as the Lord told Amos that Israel will be brought back into the land and that they will never be uprooted again, we can be sure that God will keep His promises to us!

Is there a promise in God’s word that you have been holding on to and wondering about God’s faithfulness to His word?  Be encouraged today, the Lord is faithful to keep His word.  Perhaps like Amos you are disheartened as you see the judgment and consequences of rebellion coming on those who have turned from following the Lord.  Maybe you have a child or friend or loved one who like like the lost son in Luke 15 is wasting their life living in rebellion or disobedience against the Lord.

Know this, our God is able to restore. Our God is able to lead people out of captivity.    Our God is able to rebuild the ruins and make beauty from ashes.  Jesus came to seek and to save the lost.  Hold on to the promises of God’s word today and know that our God is faithful keep His word.

In Christ,

Pastor Micah