Reading through the book of Esther this week I was trying to put myself in her shoes.

That might sound weird but as I read through the book I tried to think of how this must have all looked to her.

Her parents died when she was young but her uncle Mordecai took her in. Having a parent die when I was young I can relate. As much as it was amazing that Mordecai took her in and loved her as his own, I can tell you that there probably wasn’t a day that went by that she didn’t feel different or maybe even less than others. Then one day comes news that King is looking for a new bride.

It’s easy to see this like a reality television event in this day and age.

He gathers all the most beautiful women together and out of all these women she is picked as the queen.

I would imagine that it would be hard not to think at this point this was the culmination of her life how could she do better than this?

But God had a bigger role for her to play of which this was only a part.

After living in the palace for a while she gets word from her uncle of Haman’s terrible plan for the Jews.

Now this girl who may have felt like for the first time in her life like she was no longer going to be looked down on or looked at as different was being asked to potentially sacrifice all of that.

What would you do there? What would I do I kept asking myself?

What things would you sacrifice to do the right thing? What is the limit?

In Esther’s case the stakes were high. It would be more than just loosing her position it would be loosing her life.

It was a lot to give up but ultimately she makes a wise choice. She asks for help.

She tells her uncle to get everyone they know to start praying for her.

Even when we have to face things alone we are never alone. We have brothers and sisters who can intercede for us if we are willing to make ourselves vulnerable and ask for prayer.

Esther did this and then armed with the knowledge that she had people praying for her that her life and position were in God’s hands she walk into the king’s court.

We all know how the story ends but we can miss this part in the middle sometimes.

I know I have.

What things are you facing alone? What big decisions and difficulties are surrounding you?

Have you asked for prayer?

Be vulnerable, reach out to your brothers and sisters and learn to live life alone but together.


-Jon Bowers-