Psalm 136
“His love endures forever”
André René Roussimoff, better known as Andre the Giant, has always intrigued me ever since I was a kid. I first was exposed to him on the WWF at my friend Danny Berg’s house. I remember that because we didn’t have cable and Danny did so that was the only place I could watch it. I also remember that because I wasn’t supposed to watch it (sorry mom and dad). The man was 7’4” and weighed ~550lbs. He would pick up very large men over his head with ease and slam them to the mat like they were rag dolls. He was just a monster of a man. The simple fact that anyone lasted through any contact with him in the ring was proof positive to me that the whole thing was fake. I had my doubts, but there were none after seeing anyone last more than a minute in the ring with him. But what impressed me even more still was how nice and gentle of a guy that everyone said he was. If you have ever seen any movies he has been in, you immediately get that impression as well. It just seemed so crazy to me that such a powerful man could be so kind and gentle. I feel the same way when I see a huge NFL lineman loving on their little 2 year old in the post-game coverage. To see such powerful men showing gentleness often makes me think of these same seemingly polar opposite actions that God displays in Psalm 136
Over and over again in Psalm 136 we have these amazing things that God has done and then a reminder of His enduring love. Some of the things that we are reminded that God did were very protective in nature, things that involved the death of His enemies and vengeance on those that persecuted the nation of Israel. And yet we are reminded consistently of His love enduring forever. I think that is one of the tougher things for us as believers to get our heads around about the nature and character of God. And if it’s tough for us, imagine how difficult it must be for those outside of the body of Christ to comprehend. The same God that loves His children will also protect them, sometimes with judgement and wrath (vs. 10-24). I have even recently found myself feeling apologetic in a conversation about God’s laws he had for the Israelites regarding punishments for certain sins, like I needed to say sorry for how it was “back in the Old Testament.” That’s crazy, right?
But that’s why I like that we are reminded in this chapter of his power in creation (vs. 4-9). We are reminded that the only reason that anything exists is because of Him. It’s a nice reminder that we don’t get to make the rules. The One who created it all gets to. We don’t have to worry about trying to explain why God did things the way that He did, and just as important, why He does things the way He does now. We just have to remember (as this Psalm tries to get us to in great measure), He is motivated by His love for us.
This Psalm makes me remember who is in charge. It reminds me that He will protect and provide for those that are His. And it overwhelmingly recharges the security I feel of His love.

-Chris  Tieppo-