The Song List is broken town into tiers or categories.
  Tier 1 = Newer/unfamiliar songs
        these are songs that need higher repetition so people can learn them
        all new songs will go in this tier.

Tier 2 = songs that have become more familiar, have connected w/the body
        these songs don’t need to be repeated as often because people know them.

Tier 3 = songs that people know very well, you play it people sing
        can be repeated even less than tier 2 because these are so well known to the church.

Hymns = hymns – historically known by lots of people.

Classics = songs that have become classics in our church or large body of Christ – real well known – 
        can play it once in a while and people still know the song.

How to use the song list each week:
When we select the songs for a particular week, we will select from the categories we have set up as follows:

Tier 1 = 1 to 2 songs max
Tier 2 = 2 to 3 songs
Tier 3 = 1 to 2 songs
Hymns = 0 to 2 songs
Classics = 0 to 2 songs

Worship Song List

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