Grown in an understanding of God's Word & practical application.


As we set out on this new chapter her at Calvary Chapel Greece we are excited to share in this adventure with you. The Lord has pressed upon our hearts to start a school of ministry and leadership. What that means to us here is Ephesians 4:12, “For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.” Our heart is to see people grow in not just an understanding of God’s word but to also develop a hunger for God’s word and ministry to His saints. So we look forward to seeing what God has for each and everyone of you who go through this program and pray that during this time God gives you a heart and passion for His word and His people.


Here at SML we expect that all enrolled students believe in their hearts and confess with their mouths that Jesus died and rose again for your sins and that there is no other way unto salvation except through Jesus Christ our Lord. As professing Christians we should already have established a daily devotional and prayer life as it essential to our walks with the Lord. A part of every students course work, for every semester, there will be a devotional component that must be completed daily. This current year of 2022 all students will go through Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening devotional.

As well, all students are expected to attend regularly both Wednesday Evening and Sunday Morning services with the expectation that you find a ministry to serve in at one of those services while enrolled.

Student Requirements

Students are required to meet once a week to go over course material, hand in assignments and fulfill any other course specific requirements if needed.

Upcoming Classes

Full Enrollment

If you are interested in taking all of the following classes this fall we are offering a discounted rate for this 8 week semester that includes all 3 classes. Register below.

Practical Apologetics

Starting September 28th till November 16th, we will be meeting every Wednesday from 6-7pm as we take a look at Practical Apologetics. During this time we will introduce you to the basic's of defending our common faith and why we can have confidence in what we believe. Our aim is to equip the believer with a reasonable defense against claims of the world, that the Bible can't be trusted, it's inaccurate, it contradicts itself, it's dated, God isn't real, and more! But we stop there; we want to equip each student with the ability to continue in this journey of learning; teaching everyone where to find answers to more tough questions and how to build a reasonable defense as more questions and objections arise.

Effective Prayer Life

Have you ever wondered what it means to have an effective prayer life? What should my prayer time look like? Is anyone even listening? Why does it seem like my prayers are never answered? If you asked yourself anyone of these questions then this is the class for you! From September 29th - November 17th, on Thursday evenings we will be meeting from 6-7pm and discussing these vary topics. We will look at other believers lives who God has done incredible things through... all starting with their time spent seeking the Lord in prayer.

Paths to Power

Paths to Power is one of Pastor Andrew's favorite books. A quick but convicting time spent in this book by A. W. Tozer will surely leave inspired to seek the Lord and surrender areas of your life you never even thought of. Join us Sunday mornings starting September 25th till November 13th, from 8:30-9:30am.